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Who are we and what is Hedehuset?

A Kennel?
When people hear or read the word ”Kennel”, they sometimes think of dogs in cages and big enclosures. But a kennel can be a lot of things. Like most breeders with a very limited number of litters each year, our puppies are born and raised in our livingroom. It means, that our dogs live together with us in the house. They eat, play and sleep under the same roof as the rest of the family. But as breeders, we are something else and more than ordinary dog-owners. We have a far bigger
responsibility towards the breed in general and to our dogs and their descendants in particular. Because we take this very seriously, our politics are always to breed for healthy and beautiful dogs, that are typical for their breed in body as well as in personality.

A family of two-legged and four-legged!
The two-legged family members are Mete, Bjarne and Mike Joshua.
The kennel-name "Hedehuset" is owned by Mete, but the breeding, the shows and the daily joys and love for all of our dogs is shared by all in the family. As already pointed out, our dogs live with us in the house. In this way they are a part of our lives, and we are a part of theirs. This is very important to us when breeding "primitive" types - Like the Xoloitzcuintle, because their instincts and their natural reservations towards humans could otherwise get in the way of a happy life as loving and beloved family pets.
But it is also making the Volpino a very happy and well-adjusted family dog!
We believe that all dogs have the right to a good life and lots of love from their owners. So to be able to provide that for all the dogs we have on a daily bases and still be able to spend lots and lots of time with puppies when we have a litter, some of our dogs are living with friends and/or former puppy-buyers. That way both the dogs that live in these "out-post", and the ones that are living here with us, can be regular beloved family pets too... even when used for shows and breeding :-)

Strange word... what does it mean. It simply means "the house on the moor".
When we first started out as breeders, we lived in a big house surrounded by beautiful moors and close to the Atlantic ocean.
Now we live in a charming old house in the outskirts of a city, but we kept the name off course :-)

We are FCI breeders and members of DKK (the Danish Kennel Club) - the national kennelclub under FCI.
We are also members of Spidshundeklubben and Myndeklubben (two specialclubs under DKK/FCI).

If you are interested in getting a puppy from Kennel Hedehuset, please read the "Terms and Conditions" first. It describes in detail how we sell our puppies and what conditions we have for purchase of a puppy from our breeding. If you have any questions that are not answered on this page, then please do not hesitate to e-mail us for further information.



Below you can see photos of the family from our years as breeders
But you can also see many more photos and a couple of small films here:



To the left:
Mete with a Volpino Italiano puppy (just brought home from Italy). She later became Champion and Multi-Winner

To the right:
Bjarne with two Medium Xolo puppies from our breeding.
One was a World Winner (she is dead now) and the other is Multi-Champion and Multi-Winner.

To the left:
Many years ago...
Josh in the camper on our way to Italy
(We mated Maggie with a Mexican Import owned by an Italian family)

To the right:
Josh when he was 7 years old - many many years ago :-) Vacation in France And off course the doggies are with us

To the left:
A picnic in a beautiful forrest with Hopey and Loca
- miniature Xolos of our breeding

To the right:
A much younger Mete on a trip to the beach with two Frenchies from our breeding - Paradoxe and Madame Ètè

To the left:
Mike in the camper on our way to a show

To the right:
On a vacation in Spain. Frenchie and Xolo enjoying the view from the camper...
We loved that old camper. It took us around most of Europe. Either on business or pleasure - but mostly both :-)

To the left:
Mete on a show with a Volpino girl named "Fine"... yes, that is her name. And she is Champion, so she lived proved her name right :-)

To the right:
Daddy making a new whelping box for a new litter...

To the left:
Josh in the camper. Another trip to another mating...

To the right:
Daddy getting tired from making new whelping box and now resting with the puppies...

And in a way it all started right here...
Not the breeding off course, but the love for the doggies :-)

Mete, no kiddin', somewhere in the 70' - with the family Boxer puppies.



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