Before you buy a Dog

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New dog-owner?

If you've never had a dog before, or you've had a bad experience with a dog you bought
that didn't meet your expectations, please spend a moment reading this page!

Many people think that all dogs are more or less the same...
"Well, of course there are those that are ”smart”, those that are small and hot-tempered, those that are big and dangerous, and those that are really dangerous (pit-dogs)". Most people who buy their first dog, have a tendency to select the breed based on its appearance and what they happen to have heard about that ”type” of dog. Unfortunately this often leads to big disappointments and has unpleasant consequences, not just to the new dogowner, but also to the dog. Often these problems could have been avoided if the new owner had been acquainted with some facts in advance.

First of all, what is a dog really? Well, a puppy is one thing. It's cute, sweet and soft. Okay, it pees on the floor and steps in the waterbowl, but you can survive that for a couple of weeks, right? But the small cute puppy quickly – actually very quickly – becomes a big puppy. And big puppies can still pee on the floor and step in the waterbowl if they haven't learned what's right - in the right way! Big puppies can also chew on the sofa, tip over the plants, dig in the garden and easy as pie eat half the bookshelf (including the Blu-ray and CD collection). Dogs who do things like that are not stupid dogs, they are not odd dogs, and neither are they sick or maladjusted dogs – they are just dogs!

Without any understanding of this fact, they however very easily will become maladjusted. It's obvious that the dog is not supposed to eat the brand new cell-phone 3. time in a row, but the dog doesn't know any better. It's not from birth ”programmed” to know what it's allowed to do and what not to do. That's what you have to teach it when you're a dogowner. And it has to be taught in a way that's right for the dog if it's meant to be beneficial – both to you and to the dog.  


It's a big job.It demands patience, time and willpower.
And most of all it demands that you care about your dog and
know a little about the characteristics of exactly that breed.

You have to be aware of the fact, that there are very big differences between the different breeds. If you are an active long-distance jogger who likes fresh air and having your dog running beside you for miles and miles, you shouldn't choose an English Bulldog. If you are a real take-it-easy-person with t.v. and coffee every day after work, then it would be tormenting (both to you and to the dog) if you bought a Boxer. It's your responsibility that you're in advance acquainted with your new dogs characteristics and needs. Because the dog can't defend itself, or explain to you why it behaves differently than what you had in mind… It's a total misunderstanding to believe, that a dog – no matter which breed – will adjust to its owner and to its surroundings after a while, if it's just loved, fed right and scratched behind the ear a couple of times a day. You have to choose the breed that fits you and your family. Then you'll have the right foundation for having the right dog.  


Another important thing you have to know is where the dog came from. Because it's not without importance whether the dog is bought in a kennel, where the dogs live in big cages all day, if it's bought in a petshop/puppy-mill or if it's bought from a "livingroom-breeder". If the dog is supposed to become a family-dog or a pet for you, it is of the utmost importance that it has had the right social upbringing. Visit the breeders that have the wanted breed. Look at the dogs and talk to them. If the dogs seems scared or angry, don't buy a dog from that place. You cannot fix a ”ruined” dog (it's often a big challenge to educated dogpsychologists and behaviourtherapists). Don't buy the dog out of pity. It doesn't change anything for the better! Remember, that with your payment for the dog you support a continuous breeding at that place! Ask the breeder whatever question pops up in your mind.
A good breeder will answer your questions with openness and honesty. If you feel the breeder is trying to hide anything, or refrains from answering, don't buy the dog.
As my aunt once said to me: ”A healthy dog doesn't need excuses!”


If possible, visit several breeders. Don't be affected if a breeder
speaks derogatory and bad about other breeders or other breeds.
Breeders who turns to methods like slander are not good breeders.
Don't EVER let a breeder push you into buying a dog! 

And for the world... don't buy a dog impulsively!
Think about it for a loooong time before you finally decide.

Last, but absolutely not least… If the price of a well-bred dog with a good pedigree scares you, don't buy a dog at all. The price of a dog is just a small part of what the dog will cost through its life. When you think of buying a dog, also think of food, vet-bills, toys, damages on the house, a place to sleep in, chewtoys, blankets, collars and lines, vaccinations, foodbowls, etc. If you can't afford to pay the price of the dog, can you really afford to be a dogowner?

And for you who considers buying or adopting a crossbred. Of course it's cheaper to buy, but it still cost exactly the same to own.
In addition the crossbred has the enormous disadvantage, that you don't know what kind of dog you'll get...
(think of the above that the dog/breed must fit your life and your mentality)


A dog is not a thing! It cannot just be bought and returned again when you don't want to take care of it anymore.
You can't just kill a dog because you're tired of it, or because it ”turned out” not to fit in your everyday life.
Problems are almost never the dog’s fault – it's close to always the owner’s fault!

But you can avoid most mistakes with a little consideration and responsability!

Good luck to you and your new best friend…


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