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Our dogs has traveled a lot! And as breeders, we have traveled a lot too...
To bring home new puppies, mate our females to good males,
deliver our puppies to their new homes, to go on shows with our dogs, etc.
This is some of the places we went - for business or pleasure... or both!

When you get a photo like this... you just have to cross
the Atlantic ocean to get to him, don't you?

After landing in Seattle airport, a long trip in the countryside
was waiting ahead. But what a beautiful trip!

We finally got to visit Patty... But when the time came to leave for the US, only Bjarne could go...
That was a little sad, but he had a very nice trip, so not
so sad for him :-)

Bj. visiting Patty Hoover and her Xolos. It was fun to see Ray again too. He is an old dude now and we hadn't seen
him since he was a puppy. He is owned by Patty.
His name is Hedehuset's Ray D. Ation

The trip home - over Greenland.
What a sight from above!

A visit to Italy to see Rosella and her family
 for the second time... Maggie was there to visit Trompo
again and it was a huge succes like the firts time!

Doggies in the camper on a trip to Spain

Bj. on the road... he loves that!

And Josh on the backseat with a warm Xolo,
taking a nap while we drive.

Oh we know what its like to have an old car, believe me,
so we always travel with a box of stuff to fix whatever...
Also good for helping strangers on the road who is
new to owning an old VW camper...

We went to Scotland to bring home a new breeding
bitch in a color never before seen in Denmark...
But she was not healthy as it turned out, so we never
used her in our breeding-program.

A much younger Josh on a show...
armed for a long day, with cartoons and toys.

Bj. in Italy. We have been in Italy many times over the
years and we always loved it.

This is a strange place, but it is in fact right here in
Denmark. A beach that can be 5 kilometer wide!
It looks like a desert or something from outer space,
but it is a really good place to run if you are a doggy,
so we go there many times each year.

A long time ago...
Back from a trip to Germany to bring home this Xolo.
She was not a show-dog herself, but she
became the mother of 2 World Winners and our
little super-star Maggie.

This is a scene we have seen many times... puppies
traveling to somewhere in the world - or us bringing them to the airport when their new owners travel here to bring them
home. These two darlings are going to the US.

A trip to Portugal to bring home two new males and a
female for show and breeding. Only one of the three
became good enough that we would use it in our
breeding-program, so that was a little sad...
But we had a wonderful trip there and back again :-)

We stayed a few days to get some sight-seing done too.
Mike is crazy about everything medieval related, so would
there be anything more perfect than visiting this mighty
castle built by the Order of Hospitallers ?
Mike don't think so!

Pepe, above and to the right. Conetl (Hoover) on his
pedigree. We got this wonderful Intermediate Xolo
home from the US and was told not to expect too
much of him. We loved him from day one and he
proved to be a fantastic dog both as a show-dog and
for breeding. He has a very very long list of titles,
among them Vet. World Winner. He is also the
father of 3 World Winners, champions, winners...

Josh grew up traveling a lot… and off course it has
be come a big part of him that way. Now that he is grown,
he loves to travel himself. This photos was taken when he
went to Africa for a couple of months with some friends.
They were involved in different kinds of humanitarian work
in Kenya and Zambia. Here they are making education a
little bit more interesting…
Yes, Josh is the clown in front :-)

This is why we always travel with a lot of tools in the car
... do we need to say more? No? :-)

A trip to Israel to bring home an absolutely
gorgeous Canaan Girl, Kapriza.
Arriving at the airport in Tel Aviv

On the trip home - a beautiful view from the plane

Bjarne made sure Kapriza was well taken care of
by the airport workers. He filmed them bringing her to
the plane that took os home from Frankfurt to Denmark

Frida on a Euro-tour with show-handler Katrinka

A pregnant Hopey in the car on a short vacation
in France. France is our favorit place to go when we
just need a family vacation.

Who says you can't live life at its best even thou you are
always traveling with dogs from here to there and back again...? À votre santé!

Mike saying good morning to Hopey
...good thing they invented lap tops, or Mike would
not have survived a trip that laste dmore than a day :-)

Mike, Maggie and Hopey

Old man Coyote in Norway. He went on a trip of his
own there... to be taken to shows and used for breeding.

A couple of cute puppies are waiting to go home to their
new owner in Canada. We have sent puppies to many different palces over the years... and brought home many
pups and dogs ourselves too.



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