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This is some of the successful show-dogs we have owned or bred during our years as breeder.
There are also successes in agility, obedience, etc.

The list is not complete, so we apologies to the puppy-buyers that feel their little star are missing...
If your success-dog is missing here, just let us know :-)

Hedehuset's Corvina
Obedience Champion... both she, and her owner,
Jannie, is really awesome!

Sille on Show-tour in Europe with her handler Katrinka

Shaggy - Dansk Champion, Københavns Vinder 2009 + 10
Dansk Racevinder 2009 + 10, Dansk Vinder 2010

Hedehuset's 2 Much
German Champion and German Winner
...and dad to a World Winner

Poarott Carla, she is World Winner
...among other titles

Coyote did it again... and gets a big kiss from mom!
To see his amazing tittles, go to "Our Xolos"

"Fine" becomes Danish Champion
In the background Shaggy - Copenhagen Winner

Hedehuset's Ylva Ansfrida
Amon other titles Jr. World Winner.
Europe- Winner, Multi Winner, jr. Champion Lux.
Was Best In Breed on the world Show 2009

Hedehuset's Esperanza Leticia
"Hopey" as a tiny baby... But she could already stand
on the table. This was also her strong side in the
show ring. Hopey is Champion, Danish Winner 2005 + 06
Club Winner 2005, Copenhagen Winner 2006
And 110 Years Anniversary Winner 2007

And then she is the mother of some really good puppies
- among them World Winner, Europe Winner,
Champions and Multi Winners

Hedehuset's A Boy Named Sue
is starting to show in Sweden

Hedehuset's Johnny Cash
is starting to show in Holland

Hedehuset's Little K-9 Girl
She was World Winner, Nordic Winner,
Nordic Jr. Winner, Champion, etc.

Hedehuset's According To Hoyle
She is Jr. World Winner

Maggie... Hedehuset's Margarita Chascarrillo

Maggie was only a Club Winner herself. An eye injury ruined
her chances in the showring. But she became the best
breeding bitch ever! Gave birth to lots of champions,
World Winners, Europe Winner, Multi Winners, etc

Hedehuset's RU4Real
Danish and Swedish Champion and Multi Winner

Pepe - Conetl (Hoover)
SUPER show-dog with a veeeery long list og titles.
Among them Veteran World Winner. He also fathered
some fantastic puppies. 3 of them is World Winners.

Pepe gets a 2. Best in Group at the
Copenhagen Winner show

Hedehuset's Ray D. Ation
is a stud in USA/Mexico
He is owned by Patty Hoover

Hedehuset's Salsa Fresca did good
on shows in both Sweden and France

Santa was Danish Champion,
Danish Winner of the Breed 2005, Club Winner 2005
and Copenhagen winner 2006

Kapriza Me Shaar Hagai is Israel Champion,
Danish Champion, Nordic Winner 2008
Danish Winner 2008 + 09

Coyote (Hoover) - really good little miniature show-dog
wityh an impressive long list of wins
To see his titles, go to "Our Xolos"

Hedehuset's India Chala
4 times World Winner, Multi Champion... 
and a whole lot of other titles :-)



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