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To buy a puppy from Hedehuset

If you consider buying a puppy or an adult dog from Kennel Hedehuset,
we expect you to have read this page carefully first!

When you buy a puppy, there are certain things that you should be able to take for granted. One of these things is, that the puppy, right from the moment it was born to the time you take it home, has been cared for just as a puppy should be. But there is much more than the “care and feeding” before a puppy becomes a well-adapted and good family dog. Much much more...
Although many people believe it is a good business to be a breeder, it is far from the truth. The price of a puppy covers in no way the days and weeks of work, and the expenses spent on a puppy and the preceding mating and birth. The cost of serious breeding is very high and usually higher than what one can "earn" on selling puppies, so the passion and joy of the everyday life with the dogs is our driving force. And because of this, our dogs and the puppies that are the result of our breeding means a lot to us! It is not just a hobby - it is a very large part of our lives. Therefore, there are also certain things that we expect from our buyers.
One of these things is, that the buyer has taken the time to investigate thoroughly into the chosen breed, its particular characteristics and special needs, before taken his or her new puppy home!
Another thing is, that you have considered the consequences for your life (and perhaps also for the rest of the family), getting a new dog ... and one from this particular breed.
We always like to help with a good advice, etc., but the buyer must have gained the necessary knowledge about proper care of a puppy before taking the puppy home for the whole thing to become a success story. A buyer must also understand, that it requires an effort. Not every day is a bed of roses. Not every puppy will be housebroken during the first week or two. Some do, others may take half a year or more to learn these things. Some dogs are extremely cooperative by nature. Others require more attention and more understanding from their owners. All dogs have individual personalities and mentality. We can do our best both in socialization and initial training, but a puppy at 8 or 10 weeks is very much an “unfinished job”. The responsibility for the puppy’s future and further development becomes the buyers. How the puppy live its life and how good that life will be, how well the relationship is between the owner and dog, how much joy the owner gets from his or her dog - and how much joy the dog gets from a life with this owner... this is totally the buyer's responsibility. And we expect that you have thought about these things before you buy your new puppy from us!

This is how we do "business"

Most puppies are sold to buyers already on our waiting list. Therefore, it is a good idea to join the waiting list if you have already made the decision that your next dog should be a Xoloitzcuintle or a Volpino Italiano. If your are on the waiting list, you will also be updated right away as soon as a female is mated, has given birth or other important information that could be relevant for you. As long as the puppies are here you will get regular updates (including photos) every couple of weeks, so you can follow your puppy from the very beginning. And of course you are welcome to visit when the puppies become old enough to have visits.
When you contact us by email it is a good idea to write a little about yourself (and your family too if that is the case), why you want to have a dog and why it must be a dog of this particular breed. Please tell us a little about yourself and your previous experiences with dogs (if you have any), how your everyday life is (how much the dog will be alone at home for example), do you have children, do you live in a house or an apartment, would you like to use the dog for some kind of sport (like agility) or exhibition ... or anything else you think could be relevant so that together we can find exactly the puppy most suited to your wishes and lifestyle.
It costs nothing to be on the waiting list. The only thing we ask is that you remember to tell us if for some reason you no longer need to be on the waiting list.
We don't put buyers in a "line" to buy puppies. All buyers on the list get the same info at the same time, so all buyers on the list have the same chance to buy a puppy from a litter.

When a litter is born the buyers on the waiting list are the first to receive the message. Then you have the opportunity to reserve a puppy. Often, it is not a particular puppy that is being reserved, but a reservation/deposit guarantee that you now own one of the puppies from this litter. Later, when we get a better sense of each pups potential and mentality, we can put the right puppy together with the right buyer. Other times it is because the buyer has a desire to show and/or breed. In this case it is very important that we find the puppy in the litter that is best suited for this purpose and it is not easy to say much about this before the pups reach a certain age.
When a puppy is reserved and a deposit is paid, the buyer will be sent a sales-agreement. A “contract” that states, that you now own a puppy from this litter. As early as possible we start to match each puppy with the buyers best suited (and vice versa of course). Then there is nothing else you should do than look forward to having you new puppy home and prepare for the arrival.

When you come to take your puppy home (or when the time comes to have your puppy shipped to you), the puppies have already received their pedigree and they have also been micro chipped. They have been to the vet, they have received their first vaccines and a very thorough health examination. All of this is included. The day you take your puppy home, you must fill out the registration form to the registration of your new dog in Danish dog-registry and the FCI export pedigree that you will receive from the Danish Kennel club a few weeks after you have taken your puppy home. We will take care of all this for you and the fee is also included in our service.
You will also get some food for your new puppy + a puppy-blanket that "smells like mommy".
The puppy has already started the basic training here (like to come when being called). The puppy has been well socialized and they have been accustomed to all sounds that belong to an ordinary household. The puppy has been "trained" with our special sound-program to ensure that the puppy is at least somewhat familiar with sounds such as fireworks, traffic, noisy children, gunshots and much more. All puppies leaving the house have already been out driving in a car and they have also met different people of different ages and other dogs of different breed and sizes.
Now it's up to you to continue the positive development!


  1. Prices: We can always give you an offer in the currency of your choice!
    Puppies with "flaws" in comparison to the FCI standard may be sold at a reduced price according to the significance of the flaw.
    Puppies with minor defects (that doesn't prevent them from living a full an happy life) can be sold at a reduced price according to the size and significance of the defect.
    Puppies with show potential may be put up for sale at a higher price than the normal price for a family pet. This does not necessarily mean, that they can be used for breeding. A career as a breeding dog/bitch will always be in accordance with us regardless of quality/potential and whatever the price!
    That a puppy is sold as "show-quality potential" does not automatically mean guaranteed show results. There are many things that could affect the success in a show ring - not least the person who handles the dog! But if the buyer wants to guard against a puppy developing exterior flaws that prevents a good show career, we can sell a “show-quality puppy” with show guarantee at the request of the buyer. Prices for puppies sold with show and/or breeding guarantees are, off course, higher than puppies sold as family pets only.

  2. A deal is not made until the deposit is in our bank account. The deposit is currently from 2000,- (Danish krone) and up – depending on the final price of the puppy.
    Deposits are later deducted from the final price of the puppy (in its full amount). The deposit is therefore no extra cost to the buyer, but simply a guarantee that you have reserved a puppy from the litter.

  3. Deposits are not paid back if the buyer withdraws from a deal already made.

  4. Deposits are refunded in full if the puppy, before it has attained the age of 8 weeks and can be taken home, die or is found to be disabled, seriously ill or unable to live an acceptable and good life that every dog should have the right to live.
    If it is clear that the puppy, before the age of 8 weeks, is suffering from a problem not having an impact on the puppy’s ability to live a good life - not a serious or life-threatening illness or congenital defect – the buyer is offered to purchase the puppy at an appropriately reduced price. If the disability is temporary, has no significant impact on the welfare of the puppy, or the "disease" is harmless and temporary, it does not change the concluded purchase agreement.

  5. If it is pre-agreed that the purchased puppy will be used for shows and breeding - and if this is made clear in the sales-agreement – deposits are refunded in its full amount and the trade is canceled if we, Kennel Hedehuset, find that the puppy does not seem to live up to the expectations at the time the deal was made.
    Alternatively, the buyer can choose to buy the puppy at an appropriately reduced price without show guaranties.

  6. We do not sell puppies or dogs to children and adolescents less than 18 years of age.
    The buyer may be under 18 years if the rest of the family is fully involved in the project and a parent sign the purchase agreement and thus take responsibility for the purchase. But we never sell puppies to children or young people if it is only their desire to have the dog.
    The person listed as owner of the dog and the one who signs the purchase agreement must be an adult over 18 years of age.

  7. All puppies sold at the normal price will be sold as “pet quality”!
    All puppies sold without show- or breeding guaranties are sold as pet quality - regardless of price and potential!
    For this reason, there can be no complaints about minor flaws or minor physical abnormalities when compared to the FCI standard. Dogs are natural living creatures and they are all individual and unique. They are not done growing and developing at the time they leave us, and it is therefore impossible to predict exactly how they evolve. A minor “flaw” does not mean that the dog is a poor dog. It is as beautiful and loveable as any other dog. Just like the way it is with people!
    But as breeders with a very serious attitude towards breeding to the FCI standard and the huge respect we have for the particular breeds we have chosen to work with, we strive for the best in every litter. Our many wonderful show results and our world wide reputation clearly demonstrates how seriously we take our responsibility as breeders and how much we strive to achieve the ultimate in the breeds we work with. But even the best breeders cannot with 100% certainty predict every dog’s development no matter how promising it lookes as a small puppy. Breeders who claim that they can do this does not take their buyers trust seriously!
    So - unless otherwise agreed in the sales agreement - all dogs and puppies are sold as family dogs (pet quality). Even if the puppy later proves to be the best show dog in the world!

  8. Normally there is a breeding ban on all dogs and puppies we sell!
    ... Unless otherwise agreed in advance and explicitly written in the sales agreement!
    We take breeding very seriously. We strongly believe, that not all dogs are suitable for breeding - and not all owners are suitable to be breeders. Therefore, we automatically put a breeding ban on all puppies sold (unless otherwise agreed and evidenced by the purchase agreement).
    Off course you can buy a puppy for breeding. No problem! But it must be agreed in advance so that we can find the right puppy for you. The puppy that, in our experience and knowledge of the breed, is best suited for this purpose.
    Violation of the breeding ban will lead to claims for breaking the contract and the damage that must be paid is in proportion to the amount indicated on the sales agreement. And this applies whether it is a whoopsie-litter or planned breeding.
    In return, you never had to pay the higher price for a breeding dog to begin with!

  9. Your are allowed to show your puppy or dog.
    Whatever the price you paid for the puppy, you can always show your dog as much as you want to - unless it is explicitly stated in the purchase agreement that there are prohibitions on this particular dog when is comes to exhibitions and shows (which will never be the case without a very good reason!)

  10. Normally there is no requirement for exhibition for the puppies we sell.
    But sometimes a puppy develops into something really unique, or the puppy is the result of a unique combination of lines, and we would like to give it a chance in a show ring. In these cases, we can demand that the puppy will be shown as a part of the price the buyer has to pay. This will usually be agreed upon in connection with the sale, and never without the buyer being involved in the decision! And it will never mean a loss to the buyer in the event that a deposit has already been paid, because the deposit will be refunded in its full amount if the buyer does not want to meet the demand for exhibition.
    In case of requirement of exhibition there will always be a certainty (guaranty) for the buyer, so the buyer never risks having to show a dog that turns out not to have the appropriate show quality after all!
    A requirement to show is a rare occurrence and is not something the family who just want a pet dog needs to worry about. In most cases it will involve dogs already being sold as show-quality dogs because the buyer had previously expressed desire for a puppy with this potential.

  11. If the buyer, after the buyer has taken the puppy home, for some reason cannot keep the puppy or dog, we always hold the right to buy the puppy/dog back before it is offered up for sale to any other party.
    This is for the sake of our dogs!
    This method very effectively prevents dog-dealers or puppy-mills from buying our puppies and then re-sell them at a higher price. It also prevents unscrupulous buyers to buy a cute puppy and sell it without loss when they just get bored with it. This abuse of puppies and dogs is a case very close to our heart. We cannot stop puppy mills, dog dealers and bad buyers, but we can take responsibility for our own breeding (as should every breeder in the world) and we can help minimize the risk that the puppies we put in to this world will end up with a sad story as so many other puppies and dogs out there. The way we do this is, that we set the “buy back price” on the sales agreement to 50% of the purchase price. This is a huge step in the direction of preventing these terrible scenarios.
    This does not mean that we automatically will make use of the right to buy the puppy back if the situation arises. If the buyer has a serious, reasonable and justified reason for his or her needs to sell the puppy or dog - and if the buyer can find a good new home - then we will obviously respect this and renounce our “purchase option” in most cases.
    In rare cases, we have already renounced the option to “buy back” when the deal was made and this shows clearly in the contract.

  12. We reserve the right to change prices (both for the puppies and for the deposit).
    Although you have been given a price for a puppy the price can change over time. We never change the price quickly and without a good reason. When talking about a puppy or litter already born, the price is what you have been told!
    But it can happen that a puppy buyer has been on the waiting list for a very long time for some reason, maybe a couple of years or more. In such cases the price may have changed over time. Some buyers choose to postpone a purchase. Perhaps because the time when the litter is born does not fit with the buyers schedule or perhaps the buyer can’t take time of from work to pick up the puppy when they are ready to be taken home ... or similar problems. If you are on “stand by” on the waiting list, we cannot guarantee that the price cannot move (up or down) from the time you asked to be put on the waiting list to the time you get the puppy you wanted.
    All prices change over time – as does our expenses - so from time to time we need to adjust our prices.
    If a deposit has already been paid, the agreed price for the puppy or dog will never change



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