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Here you can read a little about the Volpino Italiano

The little italian fox, Volpino Italiano, is a very old breed.
The Volpino has been used since the time of the Roman Empire as a watchdog – or perhaps it’s more right to call it an “alarm-dog”. Its job was to look out for strangers and then alarm the great mastiffs whenever a stranger appeared. The Volpino still likes to live up to its name as an alarm-dog, so they enjoy sitting in high places with a view (like in the window) and keep track of what is going on around them. But the Volpino is not a dog that barks constantly. It will let you know when something happens. And it is your job as a Volpino owner to teach a new puppy when something is happening that is okay to “raise the bell” over, or if it is something that the dogs must learn to ignore. But that is not an impossible task actually. The Volpino is a very smart and intelligent little dog, and it will only be glad to learn if you use correct motivation.

The Volpino Italiano has not only been used as a handy tool for work and as a “visual security system”, but has also been used as a pet and family-dog since the time of the Roman Empire. A role it fills with great pleasure both to itself and to its owners and admirers. One of the famous admirers of this breed was Michelangelo – the worlds greatest artist ever. That must surely be a great compliment to this wonderful canine!

The Volpino is a very small dog. For show-dogs, a male should not be more than 30 cm in height and a female not more than 28 cm. The weight is 5 kilos, but off course it can be a little less for a small feamel or more for a muscular male. Anyway, the Volpino is a very small dog. But a Volpino does not pay much attention to its own size – or lack of size is maybe more correct - it is a fearless and robust little dog. And it plays well with even the biggest dogs in the park.

The Volpino has a very large and beautiful coat. The solid white is the most common color. It can also be seen in champagne and red, but the red variation is almost extinguished sadly enough. Some websites claim that the red Volpino is in fact extinguished, but I think that our red Volpinos kind of mind that statement :-)
But the truth is, that the red Volpinos is extremely rare and perhaps one of the most rare breeds on the planet. The white type is still not what you would call a “common breed”. At the moment there is about 1000-1200 white Volpinos in the world.

Despite the large amount of hair the Volpino has, it doesn’t need much grooming. It is highly recommended, that you don’t wash the coat too much or too often. This will destroy the natural protection of the coat. A Volpino with a natural coat is very “self-cleaning” and requires surprisingly little grooming. Take some time to brush the coat when it is in need, but never cut or otherwise alter the coat of a Volpino.


In the standard, you can read that the Volpino has a: very distinct temperament, lively, gay and playful. We think this is a nice description. “lively, gay and playful” is perhaps the words that best describe this wonderful breed!
A Volpino Italiano makes a fantastic family pet. It is healthy and sound, has a wonderful personality, playful, very loving, giving and totally loyal to his family and owners.

Volpino Italiano is one of the absolute rarest breeds in the world today!
because of this, we recommend, that you watch very carefully for inbred dogs when you look for your new Volp ino puppy. Inbreeding is perhaps the biggest “evil” in the breed today, and many breeders do not take this seriously enough. Always ask a Volpino breeder to see a pedigree for both mom and dad to a litter before you agree you buy a puppy!

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