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Lots of Volpinos!

This is not a complete list of the Volpinos bred and/or owned by Hedehuset
This is just to show some typical, and yet very individual, Volpinos!

Hedehuset's Bellina Da fino - better known as Mille
with her daughter Abbie.
Line and Anders own both dogs -
and they are the breeders of Abbie!

...on the set of ""2900 Happiness"
A Danish TV Soap she starred in :-)

Hedehuset's Bullet
(teasing his brother)
The brother is Hedehuset's Bullseye

Hedehuset'et Stratus and
Hedehuset's Cumulus enjoys the summer-sun

A long time ago... Hedehuset's Dolcetto

Hedehuset's Donatella Saveria takes
a nap in the garden omn a hot summer day

Enzo in the red fall :-)

Trying out show-training for the first time

A couple of Fine's pups in Evas garden

Fine becomming Danish Champion
Shaggy in the background becomming
Copenhagen Winner

Fine loved to go on shows
She really enjoyed the attention she got

Hedehuset's Frascati

Gemma and Bellis on the set in Nordic Film's studios

Camera is rolling!

In the office at Nordic Films studios

Gemmas babies playing with a soft kat-bed
...and dad old sock :-)

Hedehuset's Massimo

Hedehuset's Oscar

Hedehuset's Pigato

The first Volpino in Denmark!
Our old girl Santa
Danish Champion and Multi-Winner

Santa and one of her pups - Ludvig
Hedehuset's Primitivo

Hedehuset's Sergeant

Shaggy in the garden as a young dog...
speedy then, speedy now :-)

Shaggy and Ludvig on a picnic with the family

Annika with Sille... her new puppy

Hedehuset's Raffaella Leontina
with 4 wonderful boys

Hedehuset's Raffaella Leontina

Katrinka and Sille on a show

Silvie is looking for something...

"Found it! A hole big enough so I can stand
straight up it in"

Silvie on a fishing trip

Fine with puppies

Hedehuset's Cirrus and brother-bear takes a nap
between mom and dad

Hedehuset's Grazia Teodora

Tina on a show with handler Katrinka
She got a 2. Best in Group (FCI Group 5)

Hedehuset's Corvina
- called Vita
She is a very good Obedience Champion!

Our little Italien guy - Zaki


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