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Photos of Xolos... lots of Xolos!

This is not a complete list of the Xolos we have bred and/or owned
It is just a little mix of sizes, types, hairless ones and coated one - enjoy :-)

Hedehuset's According to Hoyle (Sin Pelo)
Hedehuset's Razz (Con Pelo)

Razz: "Catch me if you can!"
Lily: "Just you wait...!!"

Lily: "Not fair! I can't go under the sofa as fast as you!"

Daddy with a couple of Xolo babies
One of them, Hedehuset's Little K-9 Girl,
became a World Winner, Nordic Winner, etc.

Maggie with a couple of older pups of hers

Hedehuset's Zero Gravity

Hedehuset's Tony Top Cat

Tony is helping his mom, Birgit, with the work
in the garden... or maybe he is just stealing her stuff :-)

In "Tivoli" with Coyote and Santa on Danish Dog Day

Hedehuset's Tecuhtli

Hedehuset's 2Much

Hedehuset's Salsa Fresca

A day at the beach with Coyote and Hopey

Hedehuset's Razz

Hedehuset's Razz and Hedehuset's Lowball

Daddy with Hedehuset's Ixcatzin and
Hedehuset's Tlilpotonqui  

Hedehuset's According to Hoyle
- Jr. World Winner 2010!
...she lives with her family in England

Katrinka and Pepe on a show
Pepe has MANY titles
 - among them Veteran World Winner

Dear old Pepe...
We miss you so much!!

Hedehuset's RU4Real
Multi Champion and Multi Winner

Josh in the garden with 3 Con Pelo puppies
Hedehuset's Taco, Hedehuset's Nachos
and Hedehuset's kahlua

Happy playful puppies...

Maggie and Hopey is waiting for dad to come home

So loved and missed!!

Maggie the wonder-woman with an amazing litter
of 7 puppies... all of them hairless!
Maggie is Hedehuset's Margarita Chascarrillo

A very pregnant Maggie in the garden

Hedehuset's Doña Guadalupe with her litter
Hedehuset's Yatzy and Hedehuset's Zig Zag

And off we go to make sure the puppies are well
socialized before they leave for their new families.
Lets just hope the horse doesn't sneeze :-)


Heeey... there you are!

Hedehuset's Johnny Cash

Hedehuset's Johnny Cash is now living with his
family in Holland

Hedehuset's Perla La Loca
...she looooves her coat!

Mexx at his new home :-)

Hedehuset's Eyolf Jarl

Hedehuset's A Boy Named Sue

Hedehuset's A Boy Named Sue
(living in Sweden with his family)

Hedehuset's India Chala
Living with her family in Sweden
She is, among lots of other titles,
Two times World Winner!

Hopey loves to "whisper"!

Dad is whispering something...

"What did you say daddy?"

And then she places her head close to his ear and
"whisper" something back (they don't tell me what)

hedehuset's HectoPascal

Hector as a cute little puppy

Hopey in her pink warm "coat"

This is how tiny a 5 week old xolo can get :-)

Hopey with a big pregnant belly
Her pedigree-name is 
Hedehuset's Esperanza Leticia

Maggie, Hopey and Joe Joe at the zoo with Mete

Intelligent toys are perfect for xolo-puppies
Hedehuset's Ylva Andfrida and
Hedehuset's Eyol Jarl

Frida as a puppy
- training to become a World Winner
(she actually is now)

Maggie and Été in the camper on vacation
with the family

Hedehuset's WigWam Bam with his friend

Bjarne with Hedehuset's Little K-9 Girl
She would later be World Winner, Nordic Winner, etc.

Birgit loves coated xolos.
And she has a wonderful pack of them :-)


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